French Club (Cultural Activities)


Welcome to the Williams French Club! Each year, our French Teaching Associates from France organized dozens of cultural activities on campus, for those who would like to practice speaking French outside the classroom and who want to learn more about French and Francophone cultures. From the weekly French Table, to films, cooking lessons, karaoke, trivia and game nights, museum excursions, holiday events, and political debates, these fun and relaxed activities can help you practice your spoken French and connect to others in the Williams French-speaking community!

In order to get invitations and announcements for French Club activities, you must first sign up for the French Special Interest Group on Glow. Simply click here and add yourself to the French Club’s email list: 


This year’s French Teaching Associates from France are:

Samia Toorawa (st17​@williams​.edu)

Saléna El Arage (sme1​@williams​.edu).

Our French TAs are the leaders and organizers of the French Club. You can learn more about them here, and can email them for more info on French Club, or to ask for help in having your name and email added to the French Special Interest Group on Glow, in order to receive announcements and invitations for French Club events.


In Spring 2022, French Table will be on Wednesdays, 6-7PM, in Mission Dennett. For up-to-date info on French Table, click here.


The Williams French Club will soon be on Facebook and Instagram