French Advising

General Questions about French Courses 

We have a wonderful program of courses in French Language (RLFR 101-106) and Francophone Literature, Cinema, and Culture (RLFR 200-450). For a full list of courses in 2020-21, see the Course Catalog. For questions on individual courses, email the French Professor and find out more! If you are a First-Year or Sophomore, you can also contact your First-Year & Sophomore Advisor for help.

FRENCH OPEN HOUSE: Friday, January 8, 12PM (EST) !

Join the French Faculty for Info on the French Major, French Certificate, & French Courses for Spring 2021! Again: To receive the Zoom invitation, you must first enroll in the French Special Interest Group on Glow, by Friday, January 8, at 10AM. Since Pre-Registration for Spring 2021 courses takes place January 11-18, we want to offer this French Open House on January 8 (just like last November 16) to help you with questions about French courses, as well as the French Majors and French Certificate (Minor). While we continue to face the challenges of the pandemic and await the possibility of future travel, this is the perfect time to devote another semester to perfecting your French skills and look ahead to study abroad or travel in the Francophone world in 2021-2022!

French Advising: For French Major & Certificate

During their first 2 years at Williams, students meet with their First-Year and Sophomore Advisors for guidance on courses choices and academic life. In the spring of their sophomore year, students declare their majors, concentrations, and certificates. During their final 2 years at Williams, students meet with faculty advisors in their majors and concentrations. In the Williams French Program, our majors and certificate students meet with the designated French Advisors. Here are the French Advisors for 2020-21:

  • Professor Brian Martin: [email protected]
  • Professor Cécile Tresfels: [email protected]
  • NOTE: Profs. Kashia Pieprzak & Sophie Saint-Just are away on sabbatical in 2020-21.
  • NOTE: Visiting Professors Theresa Brock and Carl Cornell are teaching wonderful courses this year and can offer invaluable advice on French studies, courses, and careers, but will not be serving as official French Advisors for the Major or Certificate.

How to Declare the French Major or French Certificate

If you are a rising Junior or Senior and want to declare the French Major or Certificate: Bravo & Bienvenue à la spécialisation en Études françaises et francophones!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Look at the requirements for the French Majors & French Certificate.
  2. Complete and submit the French Program’s online French Major & Certificate Declaration Form. If you cannot get to the form with the link, copy and paste this URL into your browser:
  3. Email one of the French Advisors (Professors Martin & Tresfels in 2020-21) and make an appointment to discuss the courses in your French Major & Certificate Declaration Form. In August 2020, you should meet with a French Advisor between August 3-13, so you can choose the appropriate courses during Pre-Registration, August 10-17.
  4. Once your French Advisor approves the study plan on your French Major & Certificate Declaration Form, you should then complete and submit the Registrar’s (different but similar) Major or Certificate (Concentration) Declaration Form. You have now officially declared the French Major or Certificate!