From arboreal walkways above, and public parks below

TJ WatkinsTJ Watkins ’23 spent the summer in Paris researching the past, present and future of green space in the city, and how Parisians feel about this aspect of their urban lives.

“…..In addition to assessing tree canopy walkways in Paris, I also quickly evolved the project to look at how tree accessibility could be improved. Because Paris is poised to be one of the leading cities to attack climate shifts, it is vital that tree accessibility be improved in the city, especially to target children and young people. During my first excursion to a park, at Buttes-Chaumont, I was identifying trees and ground cover around the park when I overheard a woman asking her kids to go play in the grass rather than on the pavement. It occurred to me at that moment that there is a large audience for more opportunities for kids to immerse themselves in trees by climbing, exploring, or learning about trees in any park. Not only do trees have much unrealized potential in addressing the climate crisis, but they also make for fun playgrounds.”

(TJ studied at the Hamilton in Paris, France Program.)

Friedberg Fellowship Report Watkins Fall 2022 (TJ Watkins ’23)