Updated Information: Summer 2020

As we continue to navigate the complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to offer some guidelines for both the French Placement Test and French Advising.

For First-Year Students: here is more information on the French Placement Test and how to register for French Courses for Fall 2020.

For Juniors and Seniors: here is more information on how to speak with a French Advisor and declare the French Major or Certificate, as well as detailed information on the requirements for the French Major & Certificate, and modified policies amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For All Students: here is more information on our French Courses in 2020-21, and on the French Major & Certificate.

Introduction: French Program at Williams

Bienvenue & Welcome! The Williams French Program offers a diverse range of courses in French language and Francophone literature, film, and culture. Whether you want to improve your French language skills, prepare for study abroad in France or Morocco, or learn more about the Francophone literary and cinematic tradition, we encourage you to explore our courses and activities.

Taught entirely in French, our language courses accommodate all levels, from beginning to intermediate and advanced, and incorporate lively communicative approaches and technologies to help you improve your speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing. Taught by specialists in their field, our literature courses explore the riches of French and Francophone fiction—as well as cinema, art, politics, and culture—from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Revolution to the Nineteenth,  Twentieth, and Twenty-First Centuries, from Europe and North America, to Africa and the Caribbean. In addition to courses offered at Williams, we encourage students to study abroad with programs in France, Switzerland, Morocco, Sénégal, Martinique, Québec, and other Francophone countries.

The French Program regularly sponsors film festivals, invited speakers, political debates, and discussion tables. Each year, we host two Teaching Associates from France who take active teaching roles in our courses, offer individual help with pronunciation and writing, and organize extracurricular activities in French as heads of our French Club, including cooking lessons, group dinners, film and media discussions, political debates, radio shows, game nights, and karaoke…tout en français!  

Whether you are exploring French for the first time, plan to Major in French, or want to complete a French Certificate (Minor), we invite you to explore our courses, meet our faculty, and take part in our activities. Bienvenue!